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Growcoon for hydroponics

Hydroponics is a high-tech cultivation method, also known as vertical or horizontal farming. Plants such as soft leafy vegetables and green herbs are grown on water in a closed system. Plants grow on floats or in a gutter system; DFT or NFT systems. The Growcoon for hydroponics helps maximise crop yields, while using as little substrate as possible. This makes it more sustainable, and minimises the risk of contamination in the system.

Organic hydroponic vegetable grow with LED Light Indoor farm, Agriculture Technology.

Advantages of the Growcoon for hydroponics:

Geen vervuiling in het systeem

Stabiel onder natte omstandigheden

Sluit perfect aan

Tot 75% minder substraatgebruik

Goede wortelontwikkeling

Zero waste

Goed te automatiseren

Growcoon_Lettuce_Kruidenaer (3)


In large-scale horticulture, automation is essential. For this reason, we looked closely at whether the Growcoon could be used in automated production processes. The automatic Growcoon dispenser makes this process possible in an efficient way. The plugs can be rapidly unstacked and used. You can easily integrate the dispenser in an existing filling or potting line. Many growers have already tried out the easy-to-use dispenser.

Tjeerd Growcoon_2


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