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Our promise: to add value to our customer’s products in multiple ways

First and foremost, our products make a significant difference to a plant’s growth. However, we think this has to be done sustainably and responsibly. A sustainable future requires alternative cultivation methods that cause less pollution, and raw materials with the smallest possible ecological footprint.

Products and systems that improve the growth process, but at the same time have the lowest possible impact on the environment. The only way we can achieve this is by placing our product concepts in a broad context, and looking critically at our sources.


In this context, we pay attention to:

Origin and zero waste


Local for local

Strategic partnerships

Concept depicting the issue of carbon dioxide emissions and its impact on nature in the form of a pond in the shape of a co2 symbol located in a lush forest. 3d rendering.

Origin and zero waste

The Growcoon is made of a biodegradable polymer. When it decomposes, it leaves nothing but CO2 and water behind. We’re also working on a biobased, biodegradable substrate. Horticulturists can reduce waste with these products, and no residues are left behind in the soil or crop.


Climate friendly

We purchase locally where possible. We select our critical raw materials according to their sustainability. We also try to generate the energy we need from our own sources as much as possible. For example, we use solar panels and we’ve installed an innovative climate system. We collect the heat that we produce. We use residual heat to heat our sites.



Local for local

Horticulture is an international industry, in which both food and raw materials are exported worldwide. However, if we want to make our economy more resilient, we have to invest in reducing the distance to production locations and shortening supply chains. Suppliers such as us have a major responsibility in this respect.

Minimising transport and making sure it’s efficient are important objectives in our product concepts. For example, the Growcoon is stackable, so lots of them can be placed in one box. This is a big advantage over ready-made plugs that take up much more space. When used in tissue culture, the Growcoon facilitates automation of the planting process, which means this process can often be carried out closer to home. This reduces both transport costs and losses.

In fact, part of the substrate concept that we’re developing in partnership with Klasmann-Deilmann is: local production. Maan Biobased Products’ ambition is to only ship the raw materials for artificial substrate, and to deliver them with automation solutions. This would mean a grower has everything at hand to produce their own substrate locally. Not only is this a big step forward in terms of sustainability, it always results in incredibly fresh products!


Strategic partnerships

Making a difference in the long run isn’t something we can do alone, which is why we invest in sustainable relationships. Our regular suppliers and customers can rely on our commitment and excellent service. This is all laid down in our partner agreement.

If you’d like to know which partners have played a part in the success of our products, read all about it here!

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