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Reduce labour costs and increase efficiency with the Growcoon dispenser

Growers are constantly looking for opportunities to reduce labour costs and increase efficiency. Process automation is the obvious answer. An essential advantage of the Growcoon product is that planting and transplanting can be automated. For this reason, Maan Engineeringdeveloped the Growcoon dispenser, which automatically places Growcoons in a tray.

Advantages of the Growcoon dispenser:

Verhoging productiecapaciteit

Besparing op loonkosten

Gemakkelijk te bedienen

Te integreren in bestaande productielijn

Mogelijkheid om meerdere Growcoon types te verwerken


The Growcoon dispenser is available in two models. Option 1 is a manual dispenser. If you want to reduce manual labour and have a large surface area to cover, the fully automatic dispenser is a good solution. This machine developed by Maan Engineering is easy to integrate into an existing filling line. . It means growers can take full advantage of the benefits of using the Growcoon on a large scale, such as free choice of substrate and substrate density.

The Growcoon dispenser is quick and simple. The dispenser separates the Growcoons from each other, and places them in the trays. The dispenser fills one row of cells across the entire width of the tray per cycle. The capacity of the automatic dispenser is 10,000 to 50,000 Growcoons per hour. The capacity of a manual dispenser is 3,000 to 5,000 Growcoons per hour, depending on the number of cells per row.

For vendors and more information, please contact Klasmann-Deilmann.

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