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Growcoon added to Skal input list

The Growcoon, a biodegradable cutting and seed plug produced by Maan Biobased Products in Raalte, has been added to Skal’s input list. The Skal input list is a public list of commercial products that are permitted for use in organic farming in the Netherlands. Organic nurseries can now use the Growcoon, as it is mentioned on this input list.

Skal input list

The Skal input list is published on the Skal website:


The addition to the Skal input list follows the award of the OK Compost certificate for the Growcoon in 2017. OK Compost is a label for compostable products and raw materials. Packaging or products featuring the OK compost label are guaranteed to be biodegradable in an industrial composting plant.

The Growcoon is a product of Maan Biobased Products and is sold worldwide by Klasmann-Deilmann.

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