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Development from the basics

Our solutions are simple and efficient. Our starting point is a reproducible concept that can be adapted to customer-specific needs, but these vary enormously. If desired, we can adapt our product according to the tray size, height, decomposition rate, application or even recipe.

Why? From the basis, we can always guarantee the best, consistent quality. That is our priority. Before our products are placed on the market, we test them thoroughly in our own test centre, so they have all proven their worth. Everything for the best plants.

Quality management

To guarantee consistent quality of our products, we sample our raw materials daily on arrival and after processing. We also take random samples of our finished products and analyse them in our lab, so that we can always guarantee the best product quality.

We adhere to the guidelines in our ISO standard (9001). This demonstrates that we continuously improve our products, processes and services. Our R&D department is responsible for the certification of our products, which include OK Compost Industrial, OK Biodegradable SOIL, Skal, FIBL and Ecocert.

Success is a joint endeavour!

In collaboration with our sales partner Klasmann-Deilmann and other chain partners we work on integrated solutions to optimise our products for specific cultivation systems, which allows us all to grow together.


Recent development

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