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High-tech horticulture is the answer

It’s difficult to associate the image of greenhouse horticulture with sustainability. We’re also going to have to produce twice as much in 30 years’ time, if the forecasts are to be believed. If we want to visibly reduce the climate impact of greenhouse horticulture, we’re going to have to drastically limit our approach and the amount of natural raw materials we use. This boils down to using space more efficiently. We have to reduce emissions and waste, revisit the logistics model, and change our approach to fossil raw materials. High-tech horticulture is the answer to these sustainability issues.

The Netherlands is a leader in this sector; the Dutch know better than anyone how to produce as much as possible on every single square metre. However, if this can’t be done sustainably, we don’t believe it can play any part in a sustainable future. Innovation is at the heart of all this, and this is where Maan Biobased Products comes in with its smart biodegradable concepts for the horticultural industry.

Our roots

This deep-rooted sustainability ambition originated in founder André Jansen. He noticed a challenge faced by the horticultural sector, and found a solution in hotmelt technology; crossover innovation at its best. This is how the Growcoon saw the light of day. He has now gathered together a considerable group of like-minded people who share his ambition.

Mission and vision

Smart Biodegradable Products for the horticultural industry

Maan Biobased Products is aiming to make the horticultural industry more sustainable with its distinctive, smart products and technologies. Not only do these have less impact on people and the environment; they deliver better results, making Maan Biobased Products ‘The Plus in Progress’.


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