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Specialist in biopolymers

Our experts have vast knowledge of biopolymers. Our research mainly focuses on the origin, usability, reusability, decomposition principles and processing of biopolymers or biobased polymers. We translate these insights into innovative product principles that provide solutions to various sustainability issues. Either independently or with our partners, we develop products that help get better results with plants, yet reduce impact on people and the environment at the same time.


Product development and process engineering

Maan has two laboratories where we develop products, conduct tests and monitor the quality of our raw materials.

The success of our products relies in part on using the best and most sustainable raw materials, which is why we’re constantly looking to improve in this area.

We’re always searching for solutions that respond to a wide range of parameters: the perfect shape and applicability, the most sustainable material, the desired technical properties, and, above all, an efficient production method. We design the production process and equipment required in collaboration with our in-house engineers, so that we can produce our products efficiently and constantly scale up.

We’re continuously improving and further developing existing processes, with an emphasis on efficiency, sustainability, quality, reliability and continuity.



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