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Growcoon for trays

The Growcoon for trays specifically improves root ball development in the tray, which means the plant can be transplanted earlier without damaging the roots. Thanks to the support provided by the Growcoon, the roots quickly form a nice root ball. The Growcoon accelerates turnaround and improves yields.

growcoon in tray

A crop benefits from the Growcoon in various ways:

betere wortelontwikkeling

hogere teeltopbrengst

sneller verplantbaar

100% biologisch afbreekbaar

zero waste en geen toxische resten

efficiënt transport (stapelbaar)

perfecte trayfitting

te vullen met ieder wenselijk substraat

20066_ADVICE_MAAN_02 copy

The grower controls the decomposition rate

The speed with which the Growcoon decomposes depends on several factors. It can be accelerated or slowed down by changing the temperature, moisture content or pH. Two types of Growcoon are available, with different decomposition properties: Growcoon Regular and Growcoon Progressive. In the same conditions, the Progressive type decomposes faster than the Regular Growcoon.

Tjeerd Growcoon_2


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